Sunglasses & Sport Eyewear

rudy-projectLIFE IS SPORT. Sport happens on the field and off. Make everyday an exceptional day in optical eyewear designed for everyday comfort. At Eye Works we offer the latest in sports-Inspired designed frames with enhanced durability and Functionality in an array of colors that give you variety, Fit and Style.  Eye Works is committed to your sport performance and safety. We are an authorized sport injury prevention center, and we carry an extensive selection of sport, swim and ski goggles in addition to sport and safety frames by RecSpec’s.

Our Brands Include:

Sunglasses are more than looking cool. The right sunglasses improve your vision in bright conditions, making life more comfortable, events more enjoyable, and sports performance better. Eye Works carries major brands of sunglasses, with specialized lenses that are designed by experts. This makes our glasses not only make you look good, but also be good for you and your vision.